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  1. Jun 15,  · The tail is half the alligator’s length and 35 percent of its body mass. They generally try to go under fences, but in a mad scramble, when trying to get over something, they can get over a.
  2. Jun 15,  · “If an alligator bites you, the best thing you can do is fight back, making as much noise and commotion as possible. Hitting or kicking the alligator, or poking it in its eyes may cause it to.
  3. Figuring any “alligators in our sewers!” story would be considered newsworthy by the New York press, I went through The New York Times index from to in search of alligator stories.
  4. Jeffery Salter for Reader's Digest “The gator could have crushed my son’s arm,” says Joe Welch, with Joey, now seven.. On an overcast spring day in , Joe Welch, a commercial photographer.
  5. Feb 25,  · Skip to comments. Woman Puts Alligator in Her Back Seat AP ^ | February 25, Posted on 02/25/ AM PST by Indy Pendance. TAMPA, Fla. (AP) -- Leslie Strickland said she had nothing but good intentions when she loaded a badly hurt 6-foot alligator into the back seat of her car and took it home to Port Charlotte.
  6. Frank said this was all the better, as alligators fed at night, and the nearer dark it was, the hungrier the old fellow would be. Taking a large fish, one of a half a dozen he had caught during the day, Frank thrust the bit of stick, with the line attached, into its mouth and deep into its body.
  7. Jun 08,  · ‘Never in my life have I been so scared. This thing was watching us the whole time from the side of my house and it ran down my slip and slide into the pond.’ Luckily, no one was hurt in the Author: Martine Berg Olsen.
  8. Alligators typically begin courting during the late spring, and breeding is under way by early summer. In June and July, the females begin building nests on dry ground, out of vegetation, sticks and reeds. The females deposit 30 to 50 eggs in the nest and cover it back up. The females will venture to the water, but stay close to the nest so.
  9. No one ever imagines they’ll ever come face-to-face with an alligator. Evidenced by recent news stories of dangerous – and sometimes deadly – alligator encounters, while rare, alligator attacks do happen. They’re most common, of course, in the Southeastern US in .

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